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Recycled filament


Our company EKO MB s.r.o. together with the brand Re-pet 3D were founded in 2018 and the initial spark was ignited during 3D EXPO in Prague.

Our philosophy is based on a simple question – why are we producing new virgin plastics again and again, meanwhile it is possible to use recycled materials for the same purpose?

There has been more than 8 billion tons of plastic waste produced worldwide during last 65 years. (source : National Geographic).

On the other hand, only 9% of those waste materials have been recycled. Recycling process might be rather difficult in order to keep it economical, however it makes sense to us and we feel its global potential.

To achieve this goal we decided to participate at several international show events to address this message about our sustainable approach to the worldwide audience.

We wish to make the endusers believe in reasonable using of recycled material in everyday objects around us, not just to think about it as a PET bottle processing in thousands of tones.

In order to sum up our values and visions, we would mention following core principals:

• sharing the idea of sustainability and circular economy
• bringing added-value products made of recycled plastics
• constant development of new ecological solutions (drop irrigation pipes)

The newest sustainable idea we are bringing into life is a production line for drop irrigation tubes made of LDPE. Low water consumption, effective distribution of fertilizers, and few more properties make our product an excellent choice for responsibly thinking users.