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Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we do but if you live outside of EU countries please contact us via email.

Is your material dishwasher safe?

Yes, it is. We recommend using a mild dishwasher program (not over 70 degrees Celsius)

How can I pay on your website?

You can pay by Pay Pal or credit card.

How many bottles does it take to make one spool of recycled PET filament?

 It takes approximately 33-35 bottles to make 1kg of recycled PET filament.

Do you cooperate with universities and schools?

Yes, we do. We are interested in delivering to schools and universities.

Where do raw materials used for production of recycled filaments come from?

It is a mixture of post-industrial and post-consumer waste.

Are you direct producer or distributor of filament?

We are direct producer, our product portfolio is being manufactured in our plant in South Bohemia, the Czech Republic.

Can I be distributor of your brand products?

Of course. We negotiate with potential partners about B2B cooperation. Should you be interested in distribution, please contact us at info@re-pet3d.com.

How do we guarantee constant quality of the recycled raw-materials we use?

Our production materials are sourced from the exclusive supplier which is a member of the group of companies owned by us. This supplier has long-term experience not only in the plastics market, but also in plastic recycling. Owing to this exclusive cooperation, we can maintain high level of input material quality.

What is the most frequently used type of transport of your products?

It is a parcel service Zasilkovna.cz that cooperates with many local shipping agents within all EU.

Does the recycling process influence filament quality?

Thanks to thorough filtering of impurities as well as follow-up regranulation of waste, the granules used for filament extrusion have the properties comparable with primary input raw-materials (virgin granules).

Can printed products and waste materials from 3D printing be re-used for filament production?

In order to keep high product quality, all input materials must be sorted to avoid contamination with other materials. This cannot be guaranteed in case of re-use, consequently, printed materials cannot be recycled.