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Re-pet3D recycled PET filament – Light grey

30 Incl. VAT

We recommend this material only for really experienced printers!

Unique pure recycled filament from PET bottles
Very special product in 3D world
No additives
No colorants

rPET is made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

The advantages of this material include: good flexibility and strength, good adhesion, environmental friendliness and 100% recyclability.
Due to its mechanical, thermal, chemical resistance and dimensional stability, it is great for printing large objects.

Despite all its advantages, however, it also has disadvantages, such as high moisture absorption and complexity of printing. For this reason, we recommend it to highly experienced printers who are determined to “play around” with the material a bit and find the right print settings for their printer.

If you have no experiences with rPET filament we recommend to order a small testing package.
In testing packege you can find 3x 15m filament samples of each color.
Colors: Green, Blue-gray, Light gray

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