Recycled rPLA filament – ruby red

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  • the original raw material is made of fermented plant starch (corn or potato)
  • the most universal properties for FDM printing
  • contains 2-3% of color pigmentations
  • polyactid acid
  • precise high – quality printing
  • low deformation of printed objects
  • without inappropriate toxic fumes when incinerated
  • printed objects might be precessed by brushing/painting
  • bio-degradable material
  • suitable for both large and small objects

Extruder temperature preferably in the range of 195-215 °C Print bed temperature: 0-60°C.

Recommended temperature and drying time for spool is 70°C at least for 4 hours.

The default nozzle

Recommended default nozzle diameter: 0,2 – 0,4 mm

We recommend

Dry storage and keeping away from air moisture.