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Print it / Recycle it / Print it again


By @planner_proto

A 3D Benchy test piece made out of recycled PET bottles…very cool and a worthy material for sustainable 3D Prints, from RE PET 3D // Ein 3D-Benchy-Teststück aus recycelten PET-Flaschen – sehr cool und ein würdiges Material für nachhaltige 3D-Druck.

By @afro3dprinter‪

Met the team of new kids on the block Re-PET-3D who launched a Totally recycled fresh PET filament at @TCTShow they recycle PET and extrude & spool it themselves, it looks really nice on the spool prints to come.

By @natto_3dprinting

It’s a great projet and I love it. The precision of the diameter is better than expected. The quality of the filament is really good and the strength of the printing is huge. I recommend this filament their are really good.


I had the pleasure to speak with the owner and staff at RE PET 3D.
The Czech company offers PET filament for 3D printers, as do many other providers. The difference is that RE PET 3D’s material is 100% recycled.

By @de3dprintman

Awesome recycled material from the Czech Republic. I’m a fan already! Those parts are printed in transparent blue filament from Re Pet 3d. They came out great and feel super solid.